Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry

A living history unit

 Uniform and Equipment
Our Tarleton helmets are exact copies of an original piece held by Worcester City Museum. 
The Officers' tarletons had bearskin crests with leopard turbans, whilst the troopers used black sheepskin with a black silk turban. 
Weaponry and leatherwear are standard dragoon items.  Our jackets are based on a generic yeomanry type, common throughout Britain ca. 1803. 
Pictured is an Officers Uniform from the Staindrop Yeomanry.
We also use first hand descriptions of a uniform still extant at Wick House Pershore in 1914, and also a miniature watercolour of a Captain J W Lavender of the 3rd troop, we
Senior officer's braid is gold as was worn by Stourbridge, Kings Norton, Bromsgrove and wearing the silver braid of a mid-ranking officer.  Dudley. 
Our facings are black as per Kings Norton and Stourbridge (black velvet was commonly worn by officers in other British units).  Troopers facings being wool.
The old 1914 record states black or blue facings. We chose black as the unit, being made 'Royal' in 1839, was only then allowed to wear the Royal Blue.
Our boots are the regular dragoon pattern.  Hessian and 'butcher' boots were also worn at the time.
Swords are the standard 1796 light cavalry pattern with sabretache.  Our Colonel uses an original piece with blue and gilt blades, our serjeant uses a plainer sword suitable for other ranks.
Sabretache are worn by officers and men. Sabretache are message cases which also serve to keep the sword steady when riding.
Troopers carry Elliott style carbines. (12 carbines per troop).
Pistols issued were Elliotts or the newer land pattern.
Our stable jackets are standard pattern single breasted with black facings, and our forage caps are the high muffin type, based on original examples we have seen.
Worn over the left shoulder, our white buff leather belt holds a black leather cartridge pouch containing 28 charges in a drilled wooden former.
For full dress, white woolen breeches or off white buckskins were worn.  Overalls with lace-up ankle boots and plug-in 'box' spurs being worn for heavy duties/drills. 
Officers' and troopers' greatcoats/capecoats were dark blue.
A WYC button, pictured, has been recently found and we are taking steps to integrate it into our uniform.