Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry

A living history unit

The early WYC was raised in 1794 during the Napoleonic Wars as a back up to the regular army in case of invasion.  
With the permission of the owner of Eastnor castle, James Hervey-Bathurst, Paul portrays the 1st Earl, John Somers Cocks (6 May 1760 - 5th January 1841), who initiated the building of Eastnor Castle in 1810. He also raised our original cavalry unit holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Known as The Lord Somers between 1806 - 1821 he was a British peer and politician. James is a direct descendant of the 1st Earl.
They were also used to prevent civil unrest up until 1827 at which time they were disbanded.  In 1831 they were re-formed with the later pattern uniform and equipment. 
The separate troops raised consisted of:
Kings Norton
Manoeuvres were held at Eastnor Castle, Bevere, Madresfield Court, Strensham Court, Kempsey, Pitchcroft and Powick Hams.  
The Earl's son, Edward an ADC to Wellington, and a major in the 16th Light Dragoons was killed at Burgos during the Peninsular War.
An interesting point to note was that a WYC instructor, Edwin Hughes, who lived in Birmingham until he was 96 years old, was also one of the last survivors of the Charge of the Light Brigade, 25th October 1854.

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