Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry

A living history unit
This page shows our friends who have supplied us with information or equipment.
It also shows fellow re-enactment groups who have provided us with photographs of appearances with us.
Our good friends from the 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Footon parade at the NA event at ourhome base of Eastnor castle in 2008.
The 16th light dragoons at Eastnor 2009.
They certainly made an impressive sight.
These light dragoons have the same Sabres and carbines as Yeomanry cavalry.
The 16th wear a more modern (for the time) shako. You can see the shine on the trooper's coat even in this thumbnail.
This picture features Carli Thau.
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We appear at Eastnor as many as 4 times a year as it is a place where the regiment paraded and the seat of the first Lt Colonel of the regiment The Lord Somers.