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Carbine Drill
Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry

Safety Information

In Worcester yeomanry Cavalry all displays and demonstrations conform to the requirements of the laws governing shotguns and firearms as well as the codes and practices of the Napoleonic Association.
This pictorial drill sequence is an illustration only of what you will see at our events. Any person wishing to take part in such a drill needs to conform to the Legal and NA requirements as above and be trained in person by a recognised re-enactment unit.
Click on the picture for the carbine drill sequence.

Why Carbines

The Cavalry Carbine was a shorter weapon than the standard infantry musket of the time, the India Pattern Brown Bess. The Bess had a barrel length of 39 inches, while the carbine was 26 inches.
Carbines were less accurate and less powerful than the longer muskets of the infantry, due to a  lower velocity of a ball fired from the shortened barrel.
So why issue cavalry with a less accurate weapon?
Some people say that it is so that the carbine can be loaded and fired from horseback. However usually light dragoons loaded and fired dismounted. Much more likely is that it is lighter and more importantly easier to carry on horseback. The way British light Dragoons of the time carried their carbines was from a swivel at the bottom of the cartridge belt shown right. A Bess carried that way would keep hitting the horses legs.