Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry

A living history unit



We have been in existance for 14 years, and have undertaken considerable research to reach our current impression; which is always under review.
At present the two Guidon flags that were lost have been located, and we have had an exact copy of one of them reproduced. 
We are always pleased to receive new information on the unit and any constructive criticism.
Paul is the founder of our group and portrays
the Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment.
He is a former Librarian from Worcester.
He has been a re-enactor for many years.
Paul spent years researching and setting up the unit.
He hand made the copies of the Tarleton helmets that we wear.
Paul is therefore our expert on maintaining our period
Nicola lives in Worcestershire and is a Qualified Health Practitioner. Nicola portrays Lady Margaret Somers-Cocks, first wife of the Lieutenant of the Regiment, Lord John Somers-Cocks, 1st Earl Somers.
Margaret was the daughter of The Reverend Treadwell Russell Nash. She married Lord John Somers-Cocks on 19th March 1785. They had three sons and a daughter.

Dougal lives in Worcestershire and is studying History.

Vic is a founder member of our group and portrays a
Cornet in the Regiment. In the regency cavalry a cornet was the most junior officer.
He is a chemistry Technician from Malvern.
He has been a re-enactor for many years.
Vic is our firearms expert.

Michele is a Retired special needs teacher from Ross-on-Wye.
She portrays the wife of the Serjeant instructor.
It is likely that her character would have travelled widely
with her husband and would have been an important part
of the regiment.
Michele has made many items of her costume herself.
Lynette lives in Shropshire and has recently retired from the air transport industry.

Paul is a science education specialist from Ross-on-Wye.
He portrays a Serjeant Instructor, a retired regular who
is employed to train the yeomanry.
Serjeant is the correct spelling for the period.
Paul is working towards being our expert in sabre drill and is our webmaster.

Guy lives in Malvern and work with Adults with Learning Disabilities for Birmingham City Council.

Guy would have been reasonably wealthy gentleman for the time and would certainly have been wealthy enough to have owned at least two horses (a prerequisite for joining the Yeomanry). However, his uniform  would have been paid for by the Lieutenant Colonel and my weapons were supplied by the government. In the photograph, Guy is wearing ‘stable dress’ which would have been worn for more manual or mucky tasks such as tending to the horses or cleaning out the stables, while training or on operations.

Guy says "I currently represent the only private in the Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry and would likely have been a gentleman farmer who owned land (freehold, leasehold or copyhold). Quite likely I would have been a tenant farmer of John Somers Cocks, and/or may have had other obligations to him as Lord of the manor. However, joining the Yeomanry would also have been an opportunity for me to improve my social status, and any rank I may achieve, may have also offered further prospects to enhance my social standing

Rob is extending the range of our re-enactments by portraying a member of the WYC during the first World War.


Laura is a customer service agent living in Nottingham.
Laura has recently gained a degree in Archeology.
Laura has been re-enacting since her teens and can sometimes be seen at events portraying a Spanish Guerilla or a French cantiniere.
Since starting her degree Laura has 'retired' from the WYC but not from re-enacting.

Neil portrays a civilian visitor to the family at Eastnor.  He is a Buyer from Nuneaton and is our expert on male civilian period clothing.  Neil is an experienced re-enactor and is currently researching the history of duelling with swords & pistols.

Nick portrays Captain Sir Edward Berry of the Royal Navy. He brings a full array of naval equipment with him.



Mr David Parks: a top architect and interior designer visiting from London.  

Mrs Parks: wife to the famous architect David Parks.

Admiral Lord Wheatley : visiting on shore leave, whilst his ship is refitted  following the action at Finisterre.

Lady Wheatley

Mrs Green

Mr. Andersen: a wealthy entrepreneur, and dealer in Tobacco and Sugar.

Mr David Bills: the uniform and headwear maker to the yeomanry. His business is in Carden Street Worcester.

 I am the wife of a retired Schoolmaster.  My husband and I came from  Oxford to stay with my mother as she has been taken to her bed. Our  change in circumstance has meant that we have had to take up
permanent  residence here in Worcester. Fortunately, we have be welcomed by the  Worcester Yeomanry. 
 I am the wife of a Cavalry Training Officer.  My husband is a member of  the Worcester Yeomanry and made his money buying and selling  thoroughbred horses.  I share my husband's interest and love of horses and I enjoy frequenting the local hunts for a good old gallop.

Wendy portrayed the Lady Margaret, the wife of the Lt Colonel of the Regiment.